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Did you know?

Kalinaw is a Cebuano word which means peace or in Tagalog, kapayapaan. In times where life gives you darkness, may you envelop it not with fear but with silence. In silence, you’ll find answers and soon it will help you find the peace you’re longing for.

About Me

My Story


Thalena is my pen name. I was 16 years old when I created this blog. It started because of a project. But as I’ve reached my legality, I aspire to pursue my dream; the dream of being a writer. This passion I have was fueled by the support and inspirations I’ve gained from my friends and loved ones. So today, I will take a step towards my ambition, with courage, because of them.

With the stories, poems, artworks, and blogs that I’ll be sharing with you in the future, join me as I become a masterpiece I’ve always wanted to become.



“Aspiring you to become your own kind of masterpiece.”

Never falter. I am your sky.

You are your own masterpiece

–In progress.


She is like the moon; full of wonders, full of passion. Despite the night yearning to embrace the dark, she shines, still.

And always will.




  • Blog #4
    Blog# 4 Sandigan: Even the strong ones get tired and grow weak. But finding and falling on your safe ground will show you that even in your weak points, someone is there to be your strength; to be your fighter.
  • Blog #3
    Blog# 3 Tingala: They say that the moon knows all of our secrets. It knows our stories, our pains, our tears, and even our silent battles. And each of us have our own story to tell to the moon. A story that reflects our life in its every phase and ourselves in our every pieces. So would you stay with me from nightfall ’till dawn?
  • Pagyakap sa Takipsilim
    Poem #2: Nightfall is a time for resting. When time comes and you felt tired, rest. Being brave is not defined as a person who never cease fighting. But bravery comes to those who continue standing, even after falling.
  • Mystery Blogger Award
    Mystery Blogger Award: Receiving my nomination for Mystery Blogger Award with my outmost gratitude.
  • New Year, New You
    Embracing the Horizon: The sun will soon set and embrace you with warmth together with your darkness. As a new year start, join me as we embark into a new journey to something new in this horizon.
  • Blog Series: Tune of Life #1
    Tune of Life # 1: You are worthy and your value will be seen, the moment you light yourself with the love you are longing for.
  • My First Blog Series
    Tune of Life: Welcome to my first ever blog series. Get the chance to discover my theme for this series!
  • Blog #2
    Blog# 2 Paglaban: “To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid. And on your path, you are never denied and only redirected” -C.G.
  • Blog #1
    Blog #1 Natatangi: You are an art. You are a masterpiece. You are in progress. Become your own kind of masterpiece.
  • Welcome to My Blog!
    Welcome to My Blog: From watching, here I am now moving, along with the sun, clouds, and moon. This is just the start. Now, I am ready to reclaim my own skies.
  • Death Is No Justice
    Death is not always the solution; death is no justice. (This is my Argumentative Essay for English 10.)
  • Solar Eclipse
    Poem #1: Sun and moon can’t be together. Just like how we’re star-crossed lovers. We’re just two people waiting –Even if it takes a lot of time For a moment to collide In just a short amount of time.

A Message To You, My Love

This blog is a story of a woman who dream. Growing up, she always daydream. Her daydreams were not only thoughts but slowly become reality. But it wasn’t always like that for she also experience losing her dreams. That moment she fear for herself; she fear for her future. As time passed by, she continued on her journey and with that, she get to know herself more; and that moment was the day of the rejuvenation of her dreams whom she thought has died long ago. All these happened because she believed in herself and in Him.

I found my dreams where I found myself. So I am rooting for yours too. Take your time and learn to go with the flow of your own time. For I know that He is preparing the best for you.

Endlessly, Dream

Puhon 💖

©Thalena 2020